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Organic wooden teething ring soother bunny ears


Organic wooden teether and soother - Large bunny ears

Wood is an ideal material for baby's first sensory impressions. It has many different sense experiences - grain, shade; it is hard or soft, rough or smooth and smells nature. Its sounds are all different, can be heavy or light and has a certain warmth to it. But the best thing for us mums is to know that bacteria cannot breed on wood, especially when its raw and untreated.

This ash tree ring (conform to the new EN 71-3:2013 baby toys safety standard) measures 6cm. (2 1/3 in.) in outer diameter and 1,1cm (3/7 in.) thick.

The large bunny ears (approx 14-15 cm depends on how they are folded) are soothing and made with cotton and softest white minky fabric designed for toys. 

A range of fabrics to choose from - please email me for material chart link.

Please do contact me if you need any more information. 


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organic wooden teether handmade